Eating healthy food on a budget | Lifestyles Columnists

Eating healthy is super easy when you have a personal shopper and an in-home chef.

When you have to make all the decisions yourself and fork over the cash, it can be a bit more of a chore. If money is tight, well-balanced meals sometimes feel a little out of reach.

Eating right doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and doing it on a budget might be easier than you think. A little planning and

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Families have high awareness of healthy eating but struggle to access good food

Low-income families have a high awareness of healthy diets but can’t afford good quality and nutritious food, new research shows.

The University of York study, in partnership with N8Agrifood, showed that participants tried to eat as much fruit and vegetables as they could within financial constraints, avoiding processed food wherever possible. But there was widespread acknowledgement that processed food was often more accessible than healthy options because of its lower cost.

The researchers said that

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Dangerous Side Effects of Eating “Healthy” Fast Food, According to Experts

It’s January, and most of us have announced to our friends and family some sort of New Year’s resolution pertaining to our health. Losing belly fat and exercising may be high on the list, but eating better food should be too. If you’re a frequent customer at fast-food chains, it may seem like simply opting for “healthier” menu items could be enough to achieve better health outcomes, but the truth is, even lighter menu options

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5 Healthy Eating Habits to Fight COVID-19, According to Harvard

A healthy body and a healthy mind really do go a long way when warding off disease. According to Harvard Health, a healthy strong immune system can defeat invading pathogens and bacteria. By treating your body with care, you give yourself a better chance to fight COVID-19. This is why we turned to Harvard Health’s healthy eating habits that can ensure a strong immune system as the pandemic rages on.

While the Center for

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