US woman finds rattlesnake standing guard over her food delivery. Can you spot it?

If there’s one thing that social media has made us aware of in the recent past, it is that deadly snakes can be spotted anywhere and everywhere — from toilet seats to car engines. And, one such snake, spotted right next to a food delivery parcel in the US, left netizens in a frenzy. Most had trouble spotting the reptile at one glance.

A delivery person in Tucson, Arizona, left the ordered food on a

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Australia-Inspired Coffee Down Under is Fueling Up DetroitDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Coffee Down Under Detroit 1

The neon Coffee Down Under sign in Detroit’s financial district. All images courtesy of Coffee Down Under.

Australian-style coffee has come to Detroit by way of Coffee Down Under, a new coffee bar serving Proud Mary beans literally below the ground floor of a downtown financial district building.

Coffee Down Under Founder Tarun Kajeepeta first began forming a vision for a coffee shop while living and working in Melbourne in 2014. There he became

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These Recipes Are So Smart

Hello and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes, a newsletter for busy people who still want something good to eat.

As a home cook and an editor, I love and seek out recipes that are animated by a great idea: a clever technique, a sharp shortcut that defies conventional wisdom, a magic combination of flavors or textures, or an ingredient moonlighting in a new context. Those are the recipes I try to give you in every

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Super Bowl recipes for smaller watch parties

  • Limit your party to people you live with, or if you’re able, project the game onto a wall in an outdoor area where everyone can practice appropriate social distancing.
  • If game-day classics are your thing, consider conducting a food swap. Make a designated spot for friends to drop off and pick up portions of certain dishes, so that everyone gets a variety without having to cook all day.
  • Or, if you’ve caught the cooking bug
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