I went vegetarian for a week, but Penn State didn’t make it easy | Blog | Lifestyle

Disclaimer: Please listen to your body, educate yourself and talk to a professional if you are looking to completely change your diet.

I learned this week that some parmesan cheeses aren’t vegetarian. Never thought of that, huh?

Last spring, I wanted to go vegetarian to better myself and my awful diet of gross college food. It lasted for about two weeks, but then spring break hit, and I basically gave up.

Then, the coronavirus pandemic

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19 Easy Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, with your pod or by yourself, these recipes will help make the day special without a full day spent in the kitchen. These dishes don’t require tons of ingredients and most of them come together in under an hour.

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Nothing says “I love you” like a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with melty Gruyère and caramelized onions. This recipe from

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TikTok tests Whisk, a new feature that makes it easy to save recipes

Viral TikTok recipes are fun and delicious — Who hasn’t tried their hand at the cheesy feta pasta dish or given whipped coffee a try? — but sometimes, it can be difficult to follow a video’s step-by-step instructions or find the original recipe online.

To try to make it easier for home chefs everywhere, TikTok is testing a third-party service that allows video creators to link directly to their recipes. The application, Whisk, would be

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9 easy TikTok recipes you need to try

It’s almost a month into the spring semester, and the dining hall is already getting old and boring. We would love to prepare a gourmet meal, but it’s hard to make something delicious with just a microwave to cook with. For those of us who live off-campus, it might just be difficult to figure out something healthy and delicious to eat.

TikTok has once again come to the rescue with meals, even some that are … Read more