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Second Harvest Food Bank’s talented team makes the difference in ECI

I am still asked many times about how our team is doing in light of COVID-19.

Pre-March 2020 we had just finished the successful year of 2019. Our food distribution numbers were trending upward compared to 2018 by over 13%. Our new initiatives were continuing to grow, communities were providing strong financial support and our team was moving forward together to grow the impact in support of struggling families.

I felt we were in a good place. If you relate it to physical activity and personal health, we were in decent condition and had a reasonable diet.

When the shutdown occurred and the number of out of work people grew by the tens of thousands, we were catapulted into a new reality. We immediately had to pivot into a new mindset that was trying to vision how to double, triple or quadruple what we had been doing and we had a week or less to figure it out.