Trending Headlines: Cattle, climate, food security & Texas cold

This week’s recent headlines offer a mixed bag for you to read and interpret. I encourage you to check these articles out and connect the dots for yourself as they relate to a few key topics:

  • Food security
  • National security
  • Planetary health
  • Land management
  • Nutrition & Human Nutrition
  • Climate Change

Once we consider these themes, the next question I ask everyone reading this is how can we better steer

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Spitting-mad McDonald’s worker causes health scare for Vegas customer

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s the kind of thing you hear about but don’t think anyone would really do.

Vegas local Cynthia Baer says believe it.

“This actually happens to people! It happened to me,” she said.

A frustrated worker might actually spit in your food.

Here’s Baer’s story: she’s a single mom selling her handmade masks on Etsy to help make ends meet. She says she needs to stay home and help her young

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These 3 cozy, comforting vegetarian dinners are perfect for lazy weeknights

As someone who loves vegetables, low-maintenance cooking and pasta, I’m always trying to combine these three things in new, unfussy ways. For example, while I love eggplant, I am not a fan of the salting step, though it is usually necessary, so I sometimes find myself skipping eggplant dishes out of laziness — until now. Enter my new favorite broiler method that leaves out that salting step. As you’ll see below, each dish has

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Taco Bell’s Vegetarian Menu | Best Menu Options That are Meat Free

Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu is steadily becoming a go-to for vegetarians and vegans. And now, it plans to step things up a notch.

In this article, we discuss why the restaurant is noteworthy amongst vegetarianism for its famous menu options.

Taco Bell is Great for Vegetarians

taco bell's vegetarian menu

The fast-food chain has had an early association with beefy burritos and tasty tacos. At the same time, they also have long been friendly to vegetarians and plant-based eaters.

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