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Mueller coffee maker vs. Nespresso: Which is better?

Is a Mueller or Nespresso coffee maker better?

While many single-serve coffee machines are similar in price and functionality, Mueller and Nespresso offer vastly different brewing systems on opposite ends of the price range.

Mueller produces single-serve and traditional coffee machines, both of which are affordable and have few additional features. Nespresso machines use a unique capsule system to brew coffee, espresso and a range of other coffee beverages. Choosing the right machine for your brewing needs depends on your coffee preferences and budget.

Mueller’s small selection of simple-to-use coffee machines are inexpensive and highly compact, offering a no-nonsense solution to your morning coffee needs. With two single-serve machines in different sizes and two traditional drip coffee makers, their range of features is relatively limited.

Mueller single-serve coffee maker

Designed to be compatible with ubiquitous Keurig-brand K-Cups, Mueller’s single-serve machines are among the most affordable on the market and take up little counter space. They offer a few coffee size options and energy saving features, and they heat up rapidly. While these machines don’t have as many modes or features as Nespresso machines, Mueller’s single-serve coffee makers are an affordable choice for those who drink coffee in small amounts, ranging in price from $49-$91.

Mueller drip coffee makers

Mueller’s traditional coffee makers are available in two sizes: 32 ounces and 12 ounces. Both machines have sleek stainless-steel designs that will fit in with most modern kitchens and have all of the features you would expect from a coffee maker, including digital displays and keep warm function. They are available for $35-$50.

Mueller coffee maker pros

  • Inexpensive yet reliable
  • Single-serve machines are compatible with K-Cups

Mueller coffee maker cons

  • Few brewing mode options
  • Can’t make espresso or other coffee drinks

The best Mueller coffee makers

Mueller Ultimate Single-Serve: available at Amazon
This compact powerhouse takes up little counter space and works with all K-Cups as well as reusable filters. It’s priced well below most single-serve units and heats up in 3 minutes.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker available at Amazon
This machine has a large 48-ounce water tank, and it brews 12-ounce cups of coffee. While the brew quality is excellent for the price, the low nozzle does not accommodate larger thermoses.

Nespresso coffee machines

When Nespresso entered the American market with its original line machines, European-style espresso was the only offering from Nespresso. The VertuoLine introduced traditional single-cup coffee, a direct competitor to Keurig’s K-Cup offerings. VertuoLine coffee machines also make espresso and have a larger range of size offerings than many Keurig machines.

Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machines

If you drink traditional coffee, Nespresso VertuoLine machines are comparable to Mueller’s single-serve machines, albeit at a higher price. However, their ability to brew espresso in a variety of sizes sets them apart from traditional single-serve coffee machines. VertuoLine machines range in price from $179-$249 depending on tank size and other features, and they use recyclable aluminum Vertuo capsules.

Nespresso Original coffee machines

For espresso drinkers, Nespresso Original machines are luxury espresso machines approaching professional quality. Despite their range of drink possibilities from ristretto to latte, these machines are simple to use and easy to clean. Original machines use Original capsules and range in price from $149-$799.

  • The capsules are aluminum and can be recycled
  • Café-quality coffee and espresso
  • Wide variety of recipe options
  • Capsules are expensive and hard to find in most grocery stores.
  • More expensive than traditional single-serve machine.

Nespresso VertuoPlus: available at Bed Bath and Beyond
The most affordable Nespresso machine brews coffee in three sizes and makes strong espressos. The machine also has a container that catches used capsules, making recycling a cinch.

Nespresso Vertuo Next: available at Amazon
Nespresso’s Vertuo Next is compact and makes American-style coffee, European lungos and espresso. The smallest VertuoLine machine comes in versions made by DeLonghi and Breville and uses Nespresso VertuoLine capsules.

Should you get a Mueller or Nespresso machine?

A single-serve Mueller coffee maker is essentially a large Keurig with no frills yet a reasonable price, and K-Cups are affordable and easy to find. If you are looking for a cheap and simple way to brew coffee, a Mueller is the better option. However, there is no way to brew espresso with a Mueller machine.

If you want the flexibility to make lattes, mochas and other espresso-based drinks, a Nespresso VertuoLine machine is the way to go. Their Original machines have an impressive range of recipe options, but their high price is not always comparable with the quality of their drinks.

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