The Case for Vegetarianism as a Response to the Prevalence of Factory Farming


Mark Edwards, from Boone, Iowa, wears a pig mask during a rally in the Iowa State Capitol against factory farms on Jan. 23, 2020. Iowa is one of the leading pork producing states in the US and many of the pig farms are corporate owned factory farms. Credit: Jack Kurtz/Zuma Press/TNS

Author bio: Daniel C. Zipin, a fourth year music education major, is the music director for the Buckeye Philharmonic Orchestra and a student teacher

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NYCHA’s Queensbridge Houses gets a vegetarian, vegan friendly community fridge

QUEENS — Community fridges popped up all across New York City to combat food insecurity.  

Now, several grassroots organizations are creating the first vegetarian and vegan friendly community fridges in Queens; it’s called the Queensbridge Community Fridge and it’s open  24/7. The fridge is stocked with fresh produce, plant-based milk, and bread. There’s no meat because it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Grace Frutos helped bring the fridge to the Queensbridge Houses back in October. After

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I went vegetarian for a week, but Penn State didn’t make it easy | Blog | Lifestyle

Disclaimer: Please listen to your body, educate yourself and talk to a professional if you are looking to completely change your diet.

I learned this week that some parmesan cheeses aren’t vegetarian. Never thought of that, huh?

Last spring, I wanted to go vegetarian to better myself and my awful diet of gross college food. It lasted for about two weeks, but then spring break hit, and I basically gave up.

Then, the coronavirus pandemic

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In Las Vegas, vegetarian and vegan cuisine even appeals to meat-eaters

Twenty years ago, vegetarians were lucky to find enough side dishes on a restaurant menu to satisfy dinner cravings. Ten years ago, vegans were lucky if they found a small block of cheese made from rice that didn’t cost a whole week’s worth of groceries. Today, vegetarians and vegans alike can indulge in bacchanalian feasts, as the meat-free craze has finally gone mainstream. And the trend has lit up the Las Vegas Strip just as

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