Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ features Memphis native Chef D. Arthur

Memphis native Desmond Robinson battled for the title of champion on “Chopped” on Tuesday night. 

Robinson, who is known as Chef D. Arthur, appeared on the popular Food Network show in an episode  titled “Meat Fight: Bison!”

For this fierce meat battle, the baskets featured a trending lean, mean protein: bison. 

Chef Desmond Robinson, as seen on Chopped, Season 48

Robinson made it to the second round but didn’t make it to the finals after being “chopped” for his bison Salisbury steak dish.


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2021 Trending: Low Lactose Dairy Food Market Estimated To Experience A Hike in Growth

MR Accuracy

Low Lactose Dairy Food Market 2021: Latest Analysis

Los Angeles, United State, February 2021, – The study published on the Low Lactose Dairy Food market is a systematic review that includes key parameters and indicators that are crucial to market understanding. The data from the years 2015 to 2020 is used to show the status and size of the market. The report also includes a total market value for the forecast period, along

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Trending Headlines: Cattle, climate, food security & Texas cold

This week’s recent headlines offer a mixed bag for you to read and interpret. I encourage you to check these articles out and connect the dots for yourself as they relate to a few key topics:

  • Food security
  • National security
  • Planetary health
  • Land management
  • Nutrition & Human Nutrition
  • Climate Change

Once we consider these themes, the next question I ask everyone reading this is how can we better steer

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The hot trending food item you should make tonight | Food

I know for a fact that my eyes are connected to my ears because every time I hear the words “TikTok” or “influencer,” my eyeballs immediately roll back up into the top of my head.

When I was fretting to a friend about how I was going to use up all of the tomatoes from last summer’s garden now languishing in my freezer, she said, “There was this influencer on TikTok who had a recipe

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