Not-so stealthy tips on healthy foods

First and foremost, this book is an easy relaxed read. Nah, it doesn’t read like a medical journal; not laden with technical terms or those medical prescriptions! On the contrary, one could read it as one go, simply because the manner in which it’s all put together. More like friendly chats, along the strain of an informal conversation.

Written by the US-based oncologist, Dr Shubham Pant, there’s stress “on the mundane solutions” to try and

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Dairy-Free Dalgona Coffee and Whip Recipe & Tips

Like many of you, my family and I have spent a lot of time baking and cooking this past year. Some recipes we tried were fun experiments or creative ways to use what we had on hand. But dairy-free Dalgona Coffee is one recipe that we continue to make!

Dalgona Coffee, now dubbed “Quarantine Coffee,” has actually been around in Asia for quite some time. It received its current name from a South Korean celebrity

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Chef Vivian Aronson’ tips, recipes

Over five million TikTokers have watched chef Vivian Aronson (aka @cookingbomb) create a stunning “one tomato lazy rice” dish in her rice cooker.

In the video, Aronson, who was on the tenth season of “MasterChef,” combines rice with colorful vegetables and Chinese sausage, tops it with a whole tomato and lets it cook in her rice cooker before stirring it together and plating the delicious-looking dish.

Aronson, who grew up in Sichuan,

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What Is Soul Food? Cultural Importance and Nutrition Tips

Soul food is the traditional cuisine of African Americans (1).

Sometimes simply referred to as “Southern food,” soul food was carried to the North and rest of the United States by African Americans leaving the South during the Great Migration of the early to mid-20th century.

Meals range from simple family dinners of rice and beans, fried chicken, and collard greens with ham hocks to tables loaded with candied yams, smothered pork chops,

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