The Best Recipes From TikTok

Real foodies know that the best spot to find tried, true, and trendy recipes is on TikTok. The social media platform is home to countless hashtags that house some of the most mouthwatering recipes of all, and wow, are they good. #FoodTikTok, #foodrecipe, #ChefsofTikTok, #Blackchef, and #RecipesofTikTok contain ideas that are delicious, easy to follow, and dangerously drool-worthy. After baked feta pasta started trending on the app, it was apparent that TikTok was filled with

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Recipes: Cooking with peanuts

March may be National Peanut Month, but as any farmer knows, farming is a year-round business. According to Casey Cox, a sixth-generation peanut farmer of Longleaf Ridge Farms in Camilla, Georgia, the timing of harvest is crucial. There has to be a stretch of dry weather to allow the peanuts to dry in the field. The soil is turned, the plants are separated from the nut, and they are left for two or three days

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17 Super Bowl Recipes for the Tiniest Tailgate

So you won’t be downing a plate of too-hot jalapeño poppers in a crowded bar during the Super Bowl. But you can delight in a spicy, cheesy treat from the comfort (and safety!) of your home.

This year, make a couple of snacks for you and your family or your Chiefs-loving roommate, and call it the world’s tiniest tailgate. To help you channel those game-day vibes, here are some NYT Cooking recipes that are as

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26 Black History Month Recipes

Welcome to Selfmade Finance School, our new money series with Block Advisors to help small business owners with their tax, bookkeeping, and payroll needs year-round. This week, we answer one of the most common tax season Q’s of all… do you really need an accountant?

There are certain things that I do not do for myself. I don’t color my own hair. I don’t inject my own Botox. I don’t do my own taxes.

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