Cup of Excellence Organizer ACE Partners with Oritain for Traceability VerificationDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

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Daily Coffee News file photo by Nick Brown

Cup of Excellence (ACE) organizer the Alliance for Coffee Excellence is partnering with the multinational agricultural traceability company Oritain to verify the origin of coffees in the green coffee competition and auction program.

According to Portland, Oregon-based ACE, Oritain will be maintaining a database using samples of coffees that have been purchased at auction. The database will create a kind of fingerprint for future traceability as it

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In Hawaii, the Quest for the Greatest Cup of Coffee in the World

It’s not unusual, within a certain 24-hour period, for Ben Fitt to touch nearly every step in the complex process that allows you to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. An afternoon tending orchards in the rolling hills above Kauai’s northern beaches—where he grows tall, skinny Typica coffee plants with red berries and squat Catuai trees with yellow fruit—often gives way to an evening spent roasting beans on the island’s east side. The next morning, … Read more

Experts reveal how to make the perfect cup of tea, coffee and hot chocolate

With the winter chill in full swing and and lockdown preventing people from cuddling up with a hot drink in a cafe, many are turning their hand to making their own tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 

But can a home made brew ever be as good as barista hand-crafted drink? 

FEMAIL spoke to six experts about the commonly-made mistakes , including adding water to a hot chocolate and pouring milk into tea before the bag

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